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Ways to support Green Life Innovators

There are several ways for individuals and organization to support our effort. Some types of support are of a financial nature, others are not.

1. Become a premium sponsor

Premium sponsors are the sponsors whose banner appears in the rotational banner in the top right corner of the pages. Every main premium sponsor will also appear in our sponsors list page and have the opportunity to have a Wiki-page explaining what they do for a better and greener environment.

In order for Green Life Innovators to consider you as a premium sponsor, you have to be able to document a commitment to a greener future apart from supporting us, because we do not wish to let ourselves be used as someone's environmental alibi. Please send us an email if you wish to discuss the opportunity to become a premium sponsor.

2. Shop in our book store

We have a reseller agreements with the different Amazon shops on the net. That means that for every book they sell through us, we get a small commission. We have picked out the categories assumed to be of most interest to our readers, from Amazon's waste choice of categories, for instance books on environmentalism, ecology, technology and science. It will not cost you any more to buy the book through us than if you should go directry to an Amazon site. So, please support us in this way whenever you have decided to buy a book on one of the relevant subjects

3. Make a donation by bank transfer  

All donations are greatly appreciated.

Name and address of recipient:

Green Life Innovators
Oscar Nissensvei 26
1472 Fjellhamar

For Norwegian donors

Bank account 6201.05.55790

For international donors  

IBAN: NO7662010555790
Bank name: Nordea Bank, Norway

(Donations from the United States via SWIFT address: CHASUS33)

4. Donate by credit card

All donations, big and small, are appreciated.

5. Become a link exchange friend (free of charge)

This opportunity is available to other non profit organizations and individuals who, like us, have web pages on environmental issues on the World Wide Web. Link exchange friends will appear in our list of friends, and will have the opportunity to have a Wiki page presenting their initiative and/or organization. Link exchange friends will also appear on a rotational basis in a column named "Today's friend" on our start page. Please send us an email if you would like to become a link exchange friend.

6. Put a banner on your website, blog etc.

You'll find the banners and the code to include on your site on our Banners page

7. Become a member (free of charge)

This is the basic way for everyone to support Green Life Innovators, and start contributing to the community designing "Green Tech the open source way". It does not cost anything to become a member and it is easy. Just sign up for a username and password on this web site, and you're in.



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